Propaganda and provocative media

 04 Jun 2017 - 7:45

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi / Editor-in-Chief

I was hesitating to talk about the recent hacking of Qatar News Agency’s (QNA) website which is an attack on my country, Qatar.

The hesitation was not because of fear of anyone but because of the amazing and shocking media propaganda committed with immaturity and recklessness.

Nobody knows whether it was a slip and the campaigners will wake up from their slumber and face the reality, or whether they will continue their slander, fabrication and distortions of news and statements.

As a media professional who is aware of every detail of this profession, I realized that there is a plan hatched for a long time to target Qatar. We have learned from our religion, tradition and culture and our wise leadership to have good faith and not to treat people in the way they treat you and ignore minor issues and this is the reason that made me hesitate and finally decided to respond to the attacks and media fabrications made at midnight. 

Media has a wide range of outlets and versions including radio, TV, print and social media. Talking to the media is something that requires preparations but fake media outlets like Sky News Abu Dhabi and Al Arabiya did not take more than three hours to host eleven commentators live! It is a big scandal and comedy that undermines the wisdom of their audience and the public in general. 

I am not here to disclose the prepaid media game aimed at insulting Qatar because I know that the more the outlets lie and fabricate, the more their rewards. 

The GCC societies are aware of what is going on and the wisdom of people here should not be underestimated because they can differentiate between what is false and fabricated and what is real.  Anyone following the comments on social media (Twitter and Facebook) can realise how the people in the GCC have become fully aware and it’s difficult for the mercenary media to cheat them. 

These are failed media outlets which will work for anyone who will pay them regardless of their reputation, reliability and transparency on issues being discussed.   

Doubts have arisen about those drum beaters and the beneficiaries of the recent crisis that has been created intentionally to divide the GCC states at a time of crisis when the region requires close cooperation between sister states. 

The major responsibility lies with the leaderships and the people of the Gulf to stand united against conspiracies and I am confident that the public can differentiate between falsehood and truth. It is important to emphasize here that the State of Qatar has nothing to hide regarding its relations with all countries as some provocative and corrupt media outlets are claiming. Qatar has a clear and firm policy based on principles, values and ethics from which it will not deviate while dealing with global affairs. 

Qatar will remain ‘a shelter of the oppressed’ as the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has said. May God save him and keep Qatar in peace and stability.