QC projects worth QR0.6m for orphans’ families in Indonesia

 29 Jan 2018 - 8:45

QC projects worth QR0.6m for orphans’ families in Indonesia

The Peninsula

Doha: Qatar Charity handed over 55 income-generating projects worth QR600,000 to the families of orphans in Indonesia, aiming to protect their dignity and provide them with a permanent source of livelihood. 

These projects have been implemented, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar and they are part of QC’ Economic Empowerment Projects to transform poor people from needy groups to productive, giving priority to families of orphans who lost their breadwinner to enjoy better living conditions. 

Karam Zainham, Director of the QC Office in Indonesian, said: “Qatar Charity has conducted a survey in Aceh, where it sponsors 1,000 orphans, to assess their needs and ability to manage projects that economically empowers them, explaining that it has become clear through the study, that there are specific occupations and projects, which can be carried out by orphans and their families. 

As a compliment, projects suiting their skills and abilities have been marketed to grab the attention of philanthropists and sponsors, pointing out that they have been funded by the grace of Allah. 

He noted that 55 projects implemented by Qatar Charity in Indonesia are related to agricultural equipment, dairy cattle, livestock, sewing machines, cottage industries, flowerpots, homes decorating handicrafts, small shops, and motorcycle refueling machines. 

These projects have had a good impact on the lives of orphans and their families, making their dreams come true. In this regard, Nima Adham, a beneficiary of the flowerpot project, said “I was frequently talking to myself regarding this project, which I love and learned at a neighbouring small factory and now the dream came true and I have acquired this project”

“During this small period of time, not exceeding six months, I managed to manufacture more than 30 products, thanks to Allah and the generous sponsor who made this dream came true for me and my family” Adham added. 

Khadija, whom Qatar Charity gave a motorcycle refueling machine, said “I was not doing any work earlier and I did not have a specific occupation or profession, but when I saw a trader doing this job in a place away from my house, I talked to myself if I have such machine next to my home, then I can earn enough to take care of my children. Thanks to Allah, good people knocked the door and made my dream came true”. 

Mariani Jaafar mentioned that her family used to take agricultural types of machinery on lease from others, but today, thanks to Allah, we have one of them, noting that she will use it in the harvest of the land we own and we rent it out to others well as and there will be a smile rent for all, she added smiling.

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