Minister of Education hails Qatar’s policy on siege

 20 Dec 2017 - 9:48

Minister of Education hails Qatar’s policy on siege


Minister of Education and Higher Education, H E Dr Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali Al Hammadi has said the Ministry was able to accommodate all students of school age in public and private schools with 33 new public and private school and kindergarten started this year, providing 13,080 classrooms, including 8 public schools and kindergartens of all levels, and 25 private schools and kindergartens of all levels to meet the increasing demand for education.

The Minister pointed out that in coordination with Qatar University, the negative effects of the blockade have been contained and more than 140 students affected by it have been accommodated in alternative universities. 

We have 3,000 students who are now at the head of their scholarships in Qatar and abroad in various scientific and literary disciplines and represent our human and knowledge capital, he added.     

The Minister on the occasion of the National Day urged young people take a deep look at the history, celebrate and cherish it and their national symbols and draw lessons from it.

This came in a statement made by the Minister during his visit to Darb Al Saai yesterday, where he toured a number of pavilions and was briefed on the events offered by various bodies.

The Minister pointed out that this National Day theme is “a message of hope and trust in Allah Almighty and is consistent with the people of Qatar and their aspirations. 

On the siege, the Minister said Qatar has followed a policy of restraint and moderation in response and sublimation.  Qatar’s political approach and diplomacy have earned respect from the entire world.

The Minister added that Qatar had dealt with the crisis of the siege with high professionalism at all levels of diplomacy, media, law and at the community level as well.

The Minister stressed that “all these efforts have been a source of pride for Qatar and Qatari people and residents alike, as the Qatari society totally rejects attempts of harming the sovereignty and interference in the internal affairs, by fully supporting their leadership.    

“Our mission at the Ministry of Education is to provide comprehensive, lasting, diverse, innovative and high quality learning opportunities to all learners so that they can improve their potential to contribute effectively to the workforce and to develop the Qatari society through the achievement of human development.” Qatar has continued to achieve superior indicators of quality education worldwide.

The ministry has opened specialised school for students with mental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and the introduction of two courses and the opening of an evening course for adult education at Qatar Technical School.

He stressed that Qatar’s education plan has been updated and that curriculum is being developed to include educational tracks that meet the needs of students, to overcome difficulties encountered by students, as well as the establishment evening education centres, modernising adult education system and implementing secondary life skills programme.

A system was developed to analyse the results, issue reports and indicators, develop a system of testing for Qatari students transferred from the blockade countries, and mandatory assessment of all private schools in Qatar to ensure the quality of education, a new headquarters will be opened soon, with facilities and infrastructure completed. 

H E added that preparations are under way for the opening of the Academy of Science and Technology STEM in September 2018, which is considered the first of its kind. 

He also pointed out that one of the important achievements is the reorganisation of the Community College in Qatar to grant diploma and bachelor degrees as an independent body of academic nature for university, academic, technical and applied education, which meet the needs of society and the labour market.

As for the plans for the next stage, HE the Minister said that a strategic plan for the ministry for the period 2017-2022 was developed as a result of the education and training sector strategy for the years 2017-2022. 

More than 200 initiatives covering all aspects of the educational process have been implemented to achieve these goals and setting Qatar’s priorities in this context for the coming period.