Cafes expect boom in  business in Ramadan

 20 May 2017 - 3:30

Cafes expect boom in business in Ramadan

By Akhil George / The Peninsula

The holy month of Ramadan is a boon for cafe owners as their business tends to flourish during this time of the year. The steady rise of the café culture over the years is said to have contributed to this boom.

"The cafe almost stays open all night and our sales increase by a huge margin. Most of them come to our cafes and spend hours chatting with their friends and relatives. We get almost thrice the amount of business during Ramadan as compared to a normal day," said an employee at a cafe in Doha.

Ramadan is usually the most pleasant time for business, he said.

One of the main reasons for the boom is that at this time of the year, people prefer spending their time with their friends and relatives at traditional coffee/tea cafes rather than modern coffee shops," he added.

According to a resident, the country has seen a steady rise in the cafe culture over the years. The sudden rise in business during this time of the year is also due to the socializing aspect of the holy month, he added.

"We go to cafes, have a cup of coffee and watch Ramadan programmes that are being screened on TV after the iftar and chat with our friends. We end up spending a large part of the night at these places. It has been a tradition for years. We do this because we like to use this opportunity to maintain our relationship with our old friends and, moreover, these cafes are very lively and give the vibe of the festival. I've been meeting up with my friends in the same cafe for the past five  years," a resident said.

Small restaurants also report a surge in their sales during the holy month. The increased sale is a result of affordability to some. These restaurants also offer special meal packages for Ramadan that contribute to their increased sales.

"A large number of our customers are working men who want to break their fast after a long day. Our parcel and home delivery services also see an increase at this time of the year. Our affordable prices are also a key reason of our increased sales," a restaurant owner told this daily.


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