Music Lounge hosts legends at Wakrah centre

 19 May 2017 - 8:56

Music Lounge hosts legends at Wakrah centre
Students and parents with music legends at Music Lounge centre for training in Wakrah.

The Peninsula

Over the last weekend, some very lucky students and parents got the chance to meet some of the musical legends at Music Lounge centre for training in Wakrah. The students were awestruck by the ‘God of percussion’ Sivamani, the ‘master of the keys and pianist’ Stephen Devassy and the magical man of the violin Balabhasker.
The legends took time off from their busy schedule to meet the students and parents. They discussed their experiences to encourage the aspiring young artists. Sivamani made a special exclusive performance for the students and parents at Music Lounge to show his passion for the young and upcoming musicians.
Stephen Devassy (Brand ambassador of Music Lounge) also shared his life in short and thanked the parents and students for their continual support.
Balabhaskar, who is a violinist extraordinaire, also emphasized along with his compatriots the importance of ‘practice’ in the making of the musicians. The trio took time to talk and take pictures with the parents and students.
“We are really glad to have these stars visit the students to inspire them towards their musical goals. We have many talented young musicians who are destined to become international stars, this really gives them that boost to strive for excellence” says Jaisen George, Director of Music Lounge.
The students were in turn thrilled to be able to meet with the stars.
The legends also took time to meet with the faculty members and discussed the various training methods that are used at Music Lounge and also how to better impact the young minds to bring out their best in talent.
John Thomas, Chairman of Music Lounge, later thanked all the parents and students for being apart of this growing community of musicians and artists.