18 Jul 2017 - 1:53

MoI and MoE sign ‘voluntary work programme’


The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education have signed a memorandum of cooperation on the ‘voluntary work programme’ for high school students.
The memorandum aims at encouraging volunteering and investing youth energies and adopting training at the Coast and Borders’ Security Department within the volunteer hours required and approved for high school students during the summer period.
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs, Fawzia Al Khater, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in cooperating with the Ministry of Education and providing secondary school students with a period of training at the Coast and Borders’ Security Department.
She added that the participation of the Ministry of the Interior through the Coast and Borders’ Security Department is a great opportunity and a very positive step for students to get acquainted with the functions and work of the ministry and its outstanding efforts and provide them with the skills and knowledge and development of talent and awareness of students in accordance with the mechanisms the programme.
Students participating in the promotion of communication skills and getting closer to know how to work in the Ministry of Interior, especially that working for the Ministry of Interior interests many students.
She pointed out that the training program and voluntary work with the Ministry of Interior will be one of the most successful programs in view of the keenness of officials in the Ministry of Interior to make the program a success.
Staff Brigadier (Navy) Ali Ahmad Al Budaid, director general of the Coast and Borders’ Security Department, said that the memorandum of cooperation comes within the framework of the public administration’s keenness to reach out to all concerned parties in the country and to promote the partnership in a way that benefits the people of Qatar and the students.
He pointed out that the idea of the program is to provide an environment for volunteer work for high school students to learn about the work system of the Coast and Borders’ Security Department through participation in the performance of some simple office and technical work that suits the age and in accordance with the mechanisms of the volunteer program during the summer.
He added that the department is opening its doors to receive the students from the beginning of this summer and will identify the functions of the administration and distribute them to some departments that fit the nature of its work the ages and capabilities of the participating students, including office work, secretarial, computer, ship registration, archives, workshops and maritime signs. And its various competencies.