18 Jul 2017 - 1:58

Fine arts workshops at Souq Waqif Art Center


The fine arts workshops (Fine Arts 3) started yesterday at Souq Waqif Art Center and will continue for 45 days, as part of events and activities of summer centres aimed at introducing the community to all kinds of fine arts in the region and documenting, reviewing, enriching and enhancing the arts and heritage of Qatar.
The workshops include “Ceramic Workshop” which focuses on teaching the skills of dealing with ceramics, creating ceramic sculptures, and more precise sculptures. The workshop also includes the Arabic calligraphy workshop which consists of two groups, one for women and the other for both genders.
The workshop is a continuation of what was presented in previous workshops dealing with different topics such as basics of drawing, establishing pencil and dealing with pastel colours, through teaching beginners basics of oil painting assets, in addition to teaching them a number of other techniques.    
The “Sculpture Workshop” consists of two groups — advanced levels and for group of beginners who passed a preliminary test.