Eid Charity executes projects worth QR108m

 18 Jul 2017 - 1:53

Eid Charity executes projects worth QR108m


The Sheikh Eid Charity Foundation has said that the housing projects implemented in six years, benefiting about 240,000 Syrian families at a rate of 1, 200,000 people at a cost of QR108m with the support of the people of Qatar.

The shelter projects were implemented in eight countries including inside Syria, benefiting thousands of displaced families, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Macedonia, Hungary and Greece, benefiting hundreds of thousands of refugee families.

These projects included 1000 tents set up on an area of 200,000 square meters to accommodate more than 6000 displaced from the city of Aleppo, in addition to 1500 caravans and 680 concrete rooms and provision of rent apartments to accommodate hundreds of families.

Among the projects implemented was a relief project to provide winter supplies for the Syrian refugees stranded in the “Hadlat Camp” on the Jordanian-Syrian border, where they have been given 2,000 sanitary and 200 tons of heating coal.

The camp is accommodating about 2,000 families with more than 10,000 Syrian refugees.


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