Complaints against  blockade exceed 1,000

 18 Jul 2017 - 2:19

Complaints against blockade exceed 1,000

By Sidi Mohamed / The Peninsula

The Compensation Claims Committee has so far received more than 1,000 complaints filed by people affected the blockade against Qatar. “Yesterday the committee received 193 cases and 43 inquiry calls,” said a source at the committee.
The Peninsula visited the Committee’s office to meet some people who had come to file their cases to the committee. Among those people, The Peninsula met Khaled Al Obaidly, a citizen who has two flats in Dubai with collective value of QR1.2m. “I have already paid half of the amount and still paying the remaining instalments but I cannot continue paying because due to the current crisis I feel uncertain about the future. I have asked the property agent to postpone instalments that I am paying every month and he agreed. The agent also said that he needs a bank cheques which I can’t give because I don’t know if crisis will take long time or not”.
“I came to the committee with the property documents to file my case, Al Obaidly said.
Replying to a question on whether blockading countries wanted to solve the crisis, he said: “In my opinion, Qatar has done a lot to solve it but the siege countries don’t want its resolution.”
For his side, Salem, a citizen who bought a piece of land in Riyadh for QR160,000 said that he had bought it due to facilities they were providing to GCC citizens and since last 36 years the ties between GCC countries never reached such a situation.
“We never expect like this may happen among GCC countries. We usually feel as if we are in our own country in whole GCC. In Europe they are unified although they have different languages, religion and many other things but they able to make Europe one country.”
“The problem is just not about our monetary loses, the problem is the fact that the crisis has separated families,” he observed.