Pukhtun Professionals in Qatar organises seminar

 18 May 2017 - 9:32

Pukhtun Professionals in Qatar organises seminar

The Peninsula

Pukhtun Professionals in Qatar (PPIQ) has arranged a first of series in technical seminar at Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha recently to share technical and management experiences among the new engineers to overcome potential challenges they may encounter during the course of professional career.

Gul Hameed Khalil, who is working as Geotechnical Specialist at Lusail city project with Dorsch Qatar and is resident member of advisory committee for Institution of Civil Engineers - UK was invited as a presenter to this event.

He portrays the challenges to construction projects faced during enabling works across Qatar and describes the solutions to overcome and avoid cost and time loses.

The sequence of construction works was described from initial stage until final stage of the enabling works package. He emphasis on using modern techniques to avoid damaging the existing buildings and structures during the construction works with ground movement monitoring system installed prior to initiating works. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) was briefly described with usage in enabling works, avoiding clashes to other structures.

Fresh graduates and engineers were enthralled by the presentation, which will enable them to overcome any difficulty during their works at construction projects. Moreover, the new comers could foresee what could be faced during the project progress and hence better tackle issues in time. The audiences appreciated the contents of seminar with four other presentations of the seminar pertaining to constructions. This kind of knowledge sharing will enhance the development of young engineers and will benefit the Qatar construction in general.