ISL Qatar teams prepares for WSC

 18 May 2017 - 9:07

ISL Qatar teams prepares for WSC

The Peninsula

An International School of London (ISL) Qatar team of 24 secondary students took part in the Doha Round of the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) and 21 qualified to proceed to the Global Round in Hanoi in June and over half will attend. From its very title the WSC aims to produce “world scholars” through a series of intense, friendly and ultimately rewarding competitions.

This experience is precious because it affords the opportunities to cross cultural boundaries, test academic limits, and mix intellectual categories in new and clever ways. Throughout the two-day event students ask world-changing questions and challenge paradigms; they look at values and ideas that will affect the fate of our world. These students are raising the standard of how to prepare for higher education, and what it means to be a global citizen engaged in civilised discourse.  Students of all backgrounds are motivated to discover new strengths, practice new skills and to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders. These ambitious aims match the philosophy of the International School of London Qatar and its International Baccalaureate programmes, as well as the pillars of the ISL group — passion, understanding, diversity and identity. ISL Qatar students summarised their experience in many different ways. “WSC creates a passion for learning within you. It builds you up and makes you more confident,”said Naaz. “WSC is a great chance to learn about yourself and discover unknown concepts, hobbies, skills, activities or subjects which can become part of your identity,” Sebastian said.

“WSC presents not only diversity in nationalities but in subjects and activities that the participants can enjoy and be part of,” Hannah said. Two ISL Qatar junior teams, (Charlotte Le, Lekh Bhatia and Yousef Barakat, and Marco Zamara, Naaz Khan and Sebastian Santoni) dominated key sections of this year’s earlier round in Doha, finishing first and second respectively in the Junior Division Team Competition. Charlotte, Lekh and Sebastian also achieved great success individually, securing numerous silver medals and taking five out of the six gold medals in the Challenge section; Sebastian and Lekh qualified as first and second place as top overall scholars. One of ISL Qatar’s Senior teams (Kritant Dahoo, Karim El Gamal and newcomer Lubna Amer) also performed superbly in their debate category taking third place overall, rounding off a very successful competition. The efforts of ISL Qatar and, in particular, Dr. Pilar Fernandez and Ms Nerine Chalmers in bringing the World Scholar’s Cup to Qatar were recognised in the awards ceremony.

Of the 21 qualified World Cup Scholars, 12 ISL Qatar students will compete in the Hanoi Round. ISL Qatar congratulates this next cohort  as they prepare for the upcoming Hanoi Global and Yale Championship rounds.