Iconic ‘Tamim Al Majd’ image becomes immortal

 17 Jul 2017 - 18:43

Iconic ‘Tamim Al Majd’ image becomes immortal

By Irfan Bukhari / The Peninsula

DOHA: The iconic “Tamim Al Majd” image created by a Qatari artist is not merely a portrait of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani rather it has become a historical reference for loyalty, love, unity.

From streets to social media sites; vehicles to magnificent malls, hotel lobbies to houses; Tamim Al Majd image is everywhere because it is in the hearts of the people, Qataris and expatriates. They are wearing T-shirts of Tamim Al Majd image to show how close they keep their leader to their hearts.

Ahmed bin Majed Almaadheed created the portrait titled “Tamim Al Majd”, in English ‘Tamim is glory’, to express his love and solidarity with the Emir and Qatar after imposition of blockade on Qatar by three Gulf countries. But, within days, it got transformed into a symbol of nationalism, unity and oneness for Qatar and its people.  



Walls of solidarity

Initially a giant billboard carrying “Tamim Al Majd” was installed at Gharrafa which within no time became a must-visit spot for Qataris and expatriates alike. People flocked the venue and started expressing their loyalty with the Emir by writing phrases of love on it.   

People write various phrases like “The nation is Hamad, the leader is Tamim”, “Allah gave Qatar two blessings: Hamad and Tamim”, “Tamim, may Allah protect you”, “We are all Tamim”, “Obey the leader” etc. but the meaning of all the sentences ends on love and loyalty with the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Ali Thani.

Within few days of the installment of first billboard, what people now call as “wall of solidarity”, a number of such small and big billboards with Tamim Al Majd images were installed across the country from The Pearl to Abu Humour.  

Every night, families of Qataris and expats are seen waiting for their turn to write something or simply sign their personal signatures on the billboard to express solidarity with the Emir. Children are also not behind as they express their love by writing something mounting on the shoulders of their parents or using the roof of their vehicles etc.



Few days ago, under hashtag #TheMostBeautifulThingInTheSiege, many Qataris pointed out many good things happening to Qatar due to ongoing blockade by neighbouring countries. "What is the most beautiful thing in the blockade is that it has exhibited great love between Qatari people and its wise leadership," tweeted Al Ghala Al Marri.

“This billboard is everywhere in Doha; it makes us excited to know that people of different nationalities come together and stand with us to show support and love. I have visited three places where such huge billboards are installed with my kids to make sure they too should express their feelings for our Emir Tamim Al Majd,” said Maryam Abdul Rehman, a Qatari citizen.

Ministries and other companies

Qatar Post issued new postage stamps titled “Tamim Al Majd” (Tamim is glory), featuring picture of the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. After few days, the Q-Post also issued “Tamim Al Majd” seals.

The two cellular companies of Qatar, Ooredoo and Vodafone, also changed the name of their networks to 'Tamim Al Majd” (Tamim Is Glory).

All ministries and other government organistions have also installed “Tamim Al Majd” images in their building where ministers, top government functionaries, employees and visitors can express their love with the Emir to take part in the ongoing solidarity campaign.



The Peninsula keeps leading tradition

Like always, The Peninsula was the first in Qatar’s English media to bring English version of “Tamim Al Majd”. The Peninsula’s “Tamim Is Glory” is being liked by the non-Arabic expatriate communities and they are carrying the The Peninsula version images on their vehicles.

Exhibition of artist’s work

An exhibition of paintings of Ahmed bin Majed Almaadheed including iconic Tamim AlMajd image and other images of Their Excellencies the members of Royal family is open at W Doha Hotel & Residencies which will continue till September 10.



Social Media

Tamim Al Majd picture is the most viral image on social media networks nowadays. The citizens and expatriates have changed their profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. with Tamim Al Majd image.

The pictures of people paying visit to walls of solidarity or writing sentences in praise or solidarity with the Emir are also in hot circulation on social media platforms.

Free stickers and celebrities

Many private or government organizations are offering stickers of the image for free.  In another post famous celebrity TV anchor Mohamed Saadoun Al Kuwari, also brand ambassador of Qatar Charity, can be seen wearing a T-shirt with that image.



Beyond Qatar’s borders

The iconic image is not only popular in Qatar but has also spread across the world from Gaza to Paris. Wherever anyone wants to express solidarity with Qatar in this time of crisis, they use the Tamim Al Majd image to display their emotions.    

Printing press receive huge orders

As the Tamim Al Majd image is witnessing huge circulation in Qatar, printing presses are busy meeting the increased demand of printing of stickers, posters etc. from various government and private organizations.



Foreign media attention

The display of loyalty with the Emir was also reported by foreign media outlets and international wire services.   

New York Time reported the wave in these words: “Such displays of nationalism are unusual in Qatar, but the artist, Ahmed Almaadheed, said he had been visited by Sheikha al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, a senior royal and a titan in the global art market, who offered her approval. One Qatari offered him $5 million for the original image, he said, but it was not for sale. “It’s a piece of history,” he said. On Friday night, men in white robes and black-clad women waited in line to be carried, one by one, on a cherry-picker so they could find a space to sign atop the 120-square-foot billboard,” NYT reports.



The man behind the image

Tamim Al Majd image was created by Qatari artist Ahmed bin Majed Almaadheed. The well-known artist, who had created the mascots of the AFC Asian Cup in 2011, has also offered high quality prints if anyone requires the same. He can be contacted on abmqtr@gmail.com

Barca players

During their recent visit to Qatar, FC Barcelona stars Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets also signed "Tamim Al Majd" canvases and shirts while visiting the Aspire Academy.



Unique ways

Amro M Al Hamad, a Qatari national, has expressed his loyalty with the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Qatar in a unique way. He organised an underwater photo shoot wearing diving costumes carrying “Tamim Al Majd” image on his chest and Qatari flag in hands at Canary Islands. Social media users are appreciating his effort terming the shot “stunning”, “superb”, “really epic one”, and all.

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