Customs seizes marijuana and liquor bottles at Hamad Port

 17 Jul 2017 - 1:04

Customs seizes marijuana and liquor bottles at Hamad Port

The Peninsula

The General Authority of Customs recently seized a huge quantity of marijuana weighing 19 tonnes and 21,000 bottles of liquor at Hamad Port .

Customs authorities also seized 17 kilogramme of marijuana at Hamad International Airport during Ramadan.



Ahmed Abdullah Al Jamal, Chairman of Qatar Customs, honoured seven inspectors who played a crucial role in confiscating these items.

He emphasised that the Customs department is supporting its employees at all ports and is providing them continuous training in order to enhance their expertise.

The seizure at Hamad Port took place after an inspector became suspicious of a shipment of wooden doors. He transferred the shipment for detailed scanning which revealed huge quantity of marijuana.

Another lot of marijuana was found hidden inside electronic items while bottles of liquor were hidden inside boxes labelled as olive oil.

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