Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha commits to a green environment

 17 Apr 2018 - 1:03

Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha commits to a green environment

The Peninsula

DOHA: In the middle of the city where greens are always hard to find, Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha has recently inaugurated the installation of the 217sqm and 222sqm vertical gardens that will serve as soothing greenery at the hotel’s façade.

The project is spearheaded by General Manager Joey Chen together with the heads of the departments as part of the Going Green campaign of Holiday Villa International.
With the opportunity to utilise the vertical spaces in the current infrastructure, the management team was ready to make their hands dirty in bringing the blank walls come to life, which aim to help in purifying air, reducing carbon dioxide and improving the energy levels within the surrounding areas.

The living wall will use a technology that allows the plants to grow vertically with precise low water usage and at minimum maintenance requirement.

The irrigation system will ensure automatic watering and fertilisation depending on the available light, the plant’s ability to grow and current environmental condition.

The pre-grown ferns, shrubs and grasses are placed into eco-friendly panels that will help sustain life even at high temperatures.

During the gardening and vertical plant installation, Chen said: “As part of the Holiday Villa community and as citizens of this planet, it is our utmost mission to contribute to the well-being and sustenance of our environment. Holiday Villa does not only aim to improve the hotel scenery but it is also serious in its commitment to sustainability and making a greener environment.”

“This is only one of the many projects that we have planned out to support the  Going Green campaign,”  the general manager added.

Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha offers 356 lavishly designed hotel rooms and 396 fully furnished serviced apartments.

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