Al Jazeera Forum to discuss Gulf crisis & Trump’s Jerusalem move

 16 Apr 2018 - 8:08

Al Jazeera Forum to discuss Gulf crisis & Trump’s Jerusalem move

The Peninsula

DOHA: The 12th Al Jazeera Forum will be held amid critical regional and international conditions, especially the Gulf Crisis which has disturbed the once stable and fraternal Gulf Cooperation Council.

The forum – which will be held in City Centre Rotana Doha Hotel on April 28 and 29 under the title, “The Gulf, the Arabs and the World amid Current Developments,” – will also discuss the defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Gulf crisis has had grave impact on the entire Arab region while counter-revolutions aiming to undermine the Arab Spring have also impacted the Gulf relations. As Qatar endorses democratic transition and the aspirations of oppressed peoples for freedom, other Gulf states backed, if not led, counter revolutions.

As a result, the Gulf bloc has plunged into division and a distorted sense of direction. Now, after almost a decade of revolt and struggle for change under the Arab Spring, no single Arab institution is functioning.

The Forum will be held also in the wake of the Kurdish referendum crisis and increasing foreign intervention in the Arab states’ domestic affairs.

During the duration of the forum, an elite group of world leaders, politicians, journalists, intellectuals and media experts from around the world will gather to analyse and discuss the Gulf crisis and potential solutions. T

hey will also try to provide answers to the many questions being raised such as whether there is a connection between the struggle over the Arab region’s future since 2010 and the blockade imposed by Saudi and UAE on Qatar.

The 12th Al Jazeera Forum will dedicate one of its seven sessions to the assessment of the role played by the media during political crises and transitional periods against the backdrop of developments in the region and beyond. The event will culminate with a forecast of the future of the region amid its complicated and intertwined issues.

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