Emir’s speech praised by citizens, expatriates

 15 Nov 2017 - 8:29

Emir’s speech praised by citizens, expatriates

By Sidi Mohamed | The Peninsula

Nationals and expatriates have lauded the speech of Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at the opening of Advisory Council’s 46th ordinary session terming it historic.

The speech conveyed and carried several messages like Qatar welcomes dialogue that can end the dispute and in case the siege countries don not want it then Qatar would not be affected by it. “I am so proud of you, your words make us stronger, we will stand with you to the last breath”, tweeted Hanouf.

The speech also stressed on what H H the Emir had said in his previous speeches that the blockade had failed and Qataris don’t fear these blockading countries and they are better without them. 

Many avid twitter users retweeted the phrase ‘thousand times better” without them (siege countries), which the Emir said in his speech and said that of course we don’t need them.

The speech summarised Qatar’s future after the blockade, and focuses more on politics specially the issue of blockade and Qatar’s foreign policy, said Majed Al Ansari.

“Three words that can describe his speech are greatness, respect and confidence”, said another person, Shaikha, on twitter.

Njoud Al Hamadi tweeted that the speech has so much pride and dignity in it. It proved that Qatar will remain strong with or without their (siege countries) support.”

“I am so proud to be a Qatari; that’s what comes to my mind right now. Optimistic about the new phase our country proceeding towards, hopefully, changes will lead to productive outcome,” tweeted Nawal. Another one said: “I love how the Emir never forgets Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Rohingya Muslims in his speeches”.

Also officials commented on the speech saying that it enhances our confidence in the future and every resident must be proud of it. Eng Hamad al Hajri tweeted that blockading countries want to preoccupy us by opening new fronts against us but they will never be succeeded.

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