QNB-ISC T-20 Cricket Challenger Trophy kicks off

 14 Nov 2017 - 11:17

QNB-ISC T-20 Cricket Challenger Trophy kicks off

The Peninsula

Indian Sports Centre (ISC) under the patronage of Indian Embassy, - the first ever all Indian Teams Hardball Cricket Tournament - QNB-ISC T-20 Cricket Challenger Trophy was inaugurated at Asian Town Cricket Stadium on November 11  by Gul Mohammad Khan, Head of Domestic Cricket at Qatar Cricket Association.

Gul Khan,  Chief Guest,  wished all the participating teams good luck.

Other guest present during the inauguration were Hassan Raza, Head of Technical, QCA; Nilangshu Dey, ISC  President; Mohd Habibun Nabi, ISC - GS; Ravi Shankar, ISC-Head of Finance; Azim Abbas, Chairman Promotion and Head of Cricket ISC; Yunus Thakur, Tournament Coordinator; Furqan Sange’ Technical Team Coordinator; ISC Committee Members,  Technical Committee, team captains and team managers.

Nilangshu Dey welcomed the audience and all the teams and explained the purpose of this tournament and the future programmes for cricket related to schools, companies and affiliated organisations.

Mohd Habibun Nabi, General Secretary of ISC, conducted the opening ceremony and vote of thanks on behalf of ISC to the sponsors, Qatar National Bank, Indian Embassy, QCA, Ibn-Ajayan, and the twelve participating teams.

The first match of the tournament was held between Malabar XI and Red Wing Al Khor Team.