14 Sep 2017 - 2:41

Strategic plan for schools and kindergartens


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has prepared a strategic plan for the preparation of schools and kindergartens and their geographical distribution, taking into account the population density of the regions and the rise witnessed by Qatar at all levels.
The Director of the Department of Services at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Mohammed Malfi Al Hajri said in a press statement that the Ministry has set a number of requirements for the school buildings in preparation for the new school year and a safe and good environment for students and staff. Al Hajri stressed on the keenness of the Department of Services to study applications and provide all services and facilities for schools, and provide logistical support to them, pointing out that the engineering office in the administration, handing over the new school buildings ready.
He also expected to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the problems of enrolment of students, and commended the efforts of various parties in the Ministry each in its own, to ensure a favourable school environment, both supportive and stimulating educational experience at the same time.