14 Sep 2017 - 0:29

A host of sponsors team up with QSL

The Peninsula

The QNB Stars League (QSL) has attracted a host of new sponsors ahead of the new season which begins tomorrow.
The Look Company has signed a three year exclusive contract for the production, delivery and installation of all branding elements of the QSL.
Speaking on the signing, Jacob Burke, President of The Look Company revealed his joy at signing a long-term deal with the QSL.
“We are looking to the future to give the best product development and branding for the QSL. Heading towards 2022, everyone will be focusing on Qatar and we hope we can offer the best branding solutions for the QSL.”
Meanwhile, Al Tamyoz has been confirmed as the Exclusive partner for LED perimeter board signage for the season.
Jaber Al Ansari CEO of Al Tamoyz expressed his excitement on the deal, saying: “We are proud to be a key sponsor with the QSL this season. We are always eager to support football in Qatar, and we are looking to achieve our goals in partnership with the QSL.”
Q-Post have also signed an exclusive agreement with QNB Stars league to partner and promote both Q companies. They have signed a one year deal, and a special release of stamps have been produced to commemorate the start of the league. Mohammad Al Fahida, Deputy Chief Operations Officer of Q-Post said: “We are delighted to create a first edition of the QNB Stars League stamps. These stamps will be available in 192 countries and we will be a strategic partner for the league.”
Alka Live will be the exclusive water partner for the QSL for three years, providing water for 12 of the QSL clubs training needs and all QNB Stars League matches. Alka Live water will also be on sale at all matches during the course of the agreement. Alla Damra of Alka Live revealed his pride in getting the deal confirmed for the new season.
“We are very proud of this agreement with the QSL and supporting football in Qatar.”
Speaking on the signing of the sponsorship agreements, Hassan Al Kuwari,  Acting Executive Director of Marketing & Communications at the QSL said: “I would personally like to thank all of the companies and management for signing these sponsorship agreements for the new QNB Stars League season. The league is always eager to work with Qatari companies, and their contributions are very important to provide successful competition this season on and off the pitch.”