World Mental Health Day at  The Next Generation School

 13 Nov 2017 - 11:21

World Mental Health Day at The Next Generation School

The Peninsula

To mark the celebration of World Mental Health Day, Student Council of The Next Generation School (TNG) Wakra Campus conducted a seminar for their fellow peers to explore the importance of  mental health.

The purpose of the event was to create awareness, research and discuss different aspects of mental health.

The seminar focused on 5 different topics: Stress management, Isolation, Bullying, Low self-esteem because of one’s appearance and taking care of one’s Mental Health.

The members had researched and planned activities to highlight the challenges young people face when and if they suffered from mental health problems and the activities aimed to awaken a sense of empathy in the student body.

Students shared the stress issues taken during exams and how to deal with it.

Struggles of bullying was discussed among students.

Issues related to low self-esteem caused due to appearance or peer pressure became one of the important topics of the day.

Seminars were also held at the TNG Nuaija campus, TNG Al Dayeen campus and TNG Ain Khalid campus.