Memo Paris’ best selling fragrances relaunched

 13 Nov 2017 - 11:13

Memo Paris’ best selling fragrances relaunched

The Peninsula

Memo Paris, in collaboration with Paris Gallery, has launched its limited edition versions of two of its biggest selling fragrances, African Leather and Marfa.

“We wanted to reintroduce two of our most celebrated fragrances, African Leather and Marfa, to Memo Paris enthusiasts around the world.” stated John Malloy, Memo Paris – Co-founder. “Memo Paris continues to be about introducing new cultures to people, and championing diversity.”

Memo Paris also announced the launch of its Home, and Bath & Body collections at the celebratory event, which include candles and diffusers that come in a beautiful, collectable home set that is inspired by everyday home items such as tea sets, as well as, luxurious cleansing gels, hand and body creams.

“We wanted to create a dynamic home collection, and we wanted to inject everyday items into the packaging.” Malloy said.

“We decided to think outside the box while creating the packaging for our Home Collection, and we settled on tea sets, since every household is not without one.”