Confectionery shops offer variety of sweets to customers on Eid Al Fitr

 13 Jun 2018 - 10:04

Confectionery shops offer variety of sweets to customers on Eid Al Fitr


DOHA: Sweet shops are ready to offer the variety of sweets to customers on Eid Al Fitr, said a market player.

“The most sought-after items on Eid Al Fitr are chocolates such as ‘Baid Al Niam’ sweets of different varieties and coffee sweets arranged in flower shape,” Shadi Abo Husaini, Deputy General Manager of Rellato Sweet Shop.

Rellato is a chain of sweatshop operating at several places across the country including Al Wakra, Al Rayyan, Al Khraitiyat, Al Azizia and Al Khor.

He said that coffee sweets which are served with coffee are having high demand for family gathering during Eid Al Fitr as it is a combination of past tradition and modernity with a wonderful original taste.

“Other high demanded sweets are Al Baiti Fur of nine different flavors, including caramel, pistachio, chocolate, and mango as well as sweets like fruit nutella and Swiss roll with its delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla and pistachios,” said Abo Husaini.

He further said the customers also preferred cakes which are available at his shops in various flavors, sizes and designs, such as black forest and milk cake and cake Karak, pistachio cake, caramel cake and strawberry cake, saffron cake, honey cake, pistachio cake, as well as galaxy basbosa, marshmallow, lotus sweet, and kanafa.

“Customers also buy salty items during Eid Al Fitr like grape leaf with lemon and pomegranate which are imported from Turkey in large quantity,” said Abo Husaini adding that other popular Eid items are mini dumplings stuffed with cheese, vegetables and chicken, in addition hot beverages, kebab, tabbouleh, and nuts like cashew, almonds and walnuts.

Deputy General Manager of Rellato said that his sweets shop offers about ten type of roses which have pretty good demands on Eid Al Fitr.

“We receive orders for about 1,000 rose bouquet and large selling flower during the festival like Lily and Basil,” he added.

Regarding the working mechanism at Rellato shops, Abo Husaini said that a factory was established in 2011 to prepare the orders of all branches, hinting to start building a larger factory with higher production capacity in order to meet the growing demand from customers at all branches located in Al Wakra and Al Rayyan, Al Khraitiyat, Al Azizia and Al Khor. He said that there is a separate factory for making all types of wooden trays needed at the shops.

“The chocolate moulds and fillings are being imported from France. The filling includes saffron, cardamom, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and other nuts. All orders are prepared in the factory. Each type of pastry is produced by the most famous cooks,” said Abo Husaini.

"From China, we import all packaging materials such as trays, plates, gloves and cake bases, through a separate office that imports containers every 10 days, equivalent to three shipments per month," said Abo Husaini

Regarding flowers, Abo Husaini said that local companies are supplying imported flowers to the shops and hinted about an ambition plan to import flowers directly from the countries of origin to reduce the cost.

Speaking about the siege and its impact on the business Abu Husseini said that the siege did not have any impact on sales on the last Eid Al Fitr, and he expected more sales this year.

Regarding the demand of Qatari products in local market, he said that customers preferred local products especially after blocked.

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