Ministry of Interior ready for safe & happy Eid holiday

 12 Jun 2018 - 22:15

Ministry of Interior ready for safe & happy Eid holiday


Doha:  The Ministry of Interior has completed all preparations for the Eid Al-Fitr holiday in a way that enhances security, maintains order, and guarantees every citizen, visitor and resident of Qatar the opportunity to enjoy the Eid Al-Fitr holiday in Doha.

The ministry's officials stressed that it spares no effort in providing its security services at all times, especially in different holidays and events, where some security sectors are operating 24 hours and ready to respond to any emergency that can disturb the joy of Eid to all.

All the security departments and the various sectors such as traffic and patrol directorate, coast and border security, Al Fazaa police, community policing, security departments in various areas, airport passport and security, and other service and security sectors have all prepared well for this occasion.

As for the traffic sector, Major Jaber Mohammed Odhaiba, Assistant Director of Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, said that the department has a special traffic plan for Eid Al-Fitr as traffic patrols will be reinforced across the country while focusing on raising awareness of road safety and safety rules through the distribution of greeting cards to motorists and children, as part of this awareness drive.

He pointed out that the traffic patrols will be present around areas where Eid Al-Fitr prayers will be held and the streets leading to them to control traffic, in addition to strengthening patrols in the streets leading to commercial complexes, parks and public parks to ensure the security and safety of all.

He urged the users of the road to abide by the ethics and rules of traffic and be careful, especially when passing through the streets of residential neighborhoods, because children during the days of the feast roam intensely between them.

Director of Central Operations Department Brigadier Saeed Hassan Al Mazroui said that the department will work around the clock without interruption through the service of (999) to receive all communications and direct them to the competent authority.

He pointed out that the department coordinates with all concerned departments of the Ministry of the Interior, especially during the Eid Al-Fitr days to follow up the places of celebrations and guide the patrols through the security control and emergency services section.

Al Mazroui explained that the department provides humanitarian services to the public in addition to its basic functions such as answering queries or providing some other information that serves the public, such as contacting hospitals or ambulances to transport a patient if required, and other useful and important information in addition to receiving various communications.

He added that emergency calls are received in different languages Arabic, English, Hindi, Filipino, Persian, French and Chinese, adding that the average response time is up to 10 seconds.

On the preparations of the General Directorate of Civil Defense for Eid Al-Fitr, Assistant Director General Brigadier General Hamad Osman Al Dhaimi said that the directorate and the civil defense centers are operating around the clock, saying that certain procedures are made during holidays in Sealine area, which large numbers of citizens visit during the Eid. This is why the directorate increases the number of civil defense men in that area, he said.

He pointed to a number of procedures that must be followed during Eid and even other days related to safety and protection procedures at home, including ensuring that electric current and electrical appliances are switched off in case of travel, and taking care and caution during the preparation of food and not overload the electricity.

The Maritime Patrols of the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security operate around the clock with the aim of tightening the security control and providing the necessary assistance to fishermen or those who goes to sea for recreational purposes, swimming and practicing their various marine hobbies.

Director General of the General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security Brigadier (Navy) Ali Ahmed Al Badeed, said that the work of the administration is not different in the holiday period than what it does during the rest of the year, however, there are some precautionary measures to ensure maritime safety, such as the intensification of patrols during the Eid period as a result of the increase in the number of sea visitors.

He stressed the keenness of the department to increase and intensify patrols at sea, and near the beaches to provide assistance to those who may need, as well as to prevent the occurrence of harassment of beach users by some scooter drivers.

Al Badeed advised visitors to comply with maritime safety requirements on their boats, take adequate supplies for their journey such as water and food, refueling, take life jackets, maintain some first-aid kits and comply with security instructions on not entering areas where fishing is prohibited or being nearby these areas in general.

He also advised not to go near the coastal beaches in the areas that have changed their topography as well as the airport area to not be exposed to the danger of swimming in those areas, pointing out that Qatar has many interesting beaches.

Al Badeed called on scooter drivers not to approach the swimming areas so as not to cause any accidents or inconvenience to swimmers, whether on open beaches, hotels or other private sites.

He called on families who take their children to the beaches not to allow children to swim on their own to avoid drowning. He also called on parents to monitor their children on the beach and call the operating room (999) in case of any emergency.

As for the work of the security departments in the various municipalities (Capital Police, Al Rayyan, the South, Al Shamal and Dukhan), the directors and officials of these departments confirmed that the police stations will work around the clock to facilitate the security procedures and carry out all security duties to the fullest extent.

They pointed out that the security patrols operate around the clock in cooperation and coordination with various concerned departments at the Ministry of Interior, especially in the areas that are most crowded during Eid, as well as in the industrial areas, sites and tourist places that are usually a destination for families on such occasions.

For his part, head of the external roads and attribution department of Al Najda Police Department (Al Fazaa) Major Abdulaziz Al Khulaifi, said that the administration is operating for 24 hours and added that Al Fazaa police are present at all times, but they are intensifying their presence during Eid holiday due to the large traffic taking place in the streets.

He pointed out that the foot patrols will be present in commercial compounds to prevent the occurrence of disturbing the happy occasion, so that people enjoy the Eid.

Concerning the Airport Passports Department, the Director of the Department Colonel Mohammed Rashid Al Mazrouei, said that the preparations began with the start of the summer vacation, and that the work of the department is continuous around the clock, and there are seasons where the work is doubled, especially during the seasons of summer and holidays.

He stressed the administration's keenness to facilitate the movement of passengers and ensure their safety, either at the departure or arrival, pointing out that the Department increased the number of employees with the expectation of increased traffic during the Eid.

Al Mazrouei advised passengers to maintain their travel documents and ensure not to lose theses documents, and to arrive at the airport at least three hours before the travel time.

Director of Airport Security Department Brigadier General Issa Arar al Rumaihi, said that during the Eid period, the administration prepared to intensify security patrols inside and outside the airport, in addition to the foot patrols inside the airport in order to ensure the safety of passengers and maintain security inside Hamad International Airport.

Al Rumaihi added that the administration is working to intensify the security of the airport, especially during the holidays to maintain security and respond to inquiries and suggestions and complaints of arrivals and departures, as well as to enhance traffic to ensure smooth movement, especially during peak times, calling on passengers not to carry sharp tools or liquids in hand bags because this may lead to obstruction of inspection procedures.

Al Rumaihi called on travelers to adhere to the rules and regulations of Hamad International Airport, including attention to the signs and follow the instructions of the airport security personnel and not to disturb them because they aim to achieve security and safety of the traveler.

The Community Policing Department, also announced a program to celebrate the Eid holidays in Al-Khor and Industrial area, Colonel Sultan Al Kaabi, Director of the Department said that these celebrations include a variety of musical and cultural events and cultural competitions and awareness lectures on the first and second days of Eid from 5 pm to 10 pm.

He stressed that the participation of the Department in these celebrations comes within the framework of the Ministry of Interior's keenness to enhance community participation and communicate with the people of the communities as partners in the development and renaissance movement witnessed by the state.

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