Saudi Arabia expels 8 clerics to Sudan for opposing the ruling family

 11 Nov 2017 - 12:27

Saudi Arabia expels 8 clerics to Sudan for opposing the ruling family

The Peninsula Online

Eight clerics along with few others arrested few months ago on charges of spurring opposition to the ruling family are now in ‘Al Jazeera’ area near Sudanese capital Khartoum, and number of them under house arrest, said General Mohmed Atta Al Mawla, the Head of the National Security and Intelligence Service in Sudan.

In a report done by arabic daily Al Sharq, Al Mawla said that this was according to an agreement between the Saudi Arabia security and the Sudanese national security. 

The list of preachers included Awad Al Qarni, Ali Al Amari, Salman Al Ouda, Muhammad Al Habdan, Gharm Al Bishi, Ibrahim Al Harthi, Hassan Ibrahim Al Maliki and Muhammad al-Khudairy, and also few other journalist and media persons like Fahad Al Sunaidi and poet Ziad bin Nhit, along with an individual accused of supporting Houthi group in Yemen.

According to the agreement there are three detainees under house arrest in buildings owned by the Sudanese security in Garden City in Sudan.

Al Mawla added that they live under strict security supervision and have been prevented from using the telephone and the Internet.

Most of these individuals were arrested in September 2017 following a "coordinated crackdown on dissent" which was denounced by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.