Greek anarchists break into Spain embassy over Catalonia

 11 Oct 2017 - 21:13

Greek anarchists break into Spain embassy over Catalonia


Athens:  Greek anarchists on Wednesday broke into the Spanish embassy in Athens in a brief show of support for Catalonia's independence bid, police said.

Around 20 members of the Rouvikonas group entered the embassy, a small mansion beneath the Acropolis, apparently through a window.

They unfurled a banner and threw leaflets that read: "What happened in Catalonia was a raw attack aimed at subjugating and humiliating a social majority."

Speaking to AFP, a police official said no damage had been caused.

Spanish ambassador Enrique Viguera told the Ana news agency he was "shocked and surprised" at the intrusion which led to police surrounding the building.

Viguera saluted the police for their prompt intervention to "resolve a complicated situation," adding Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias had assured him of his solidarity.

Rouvikonas, which emerged in 2015, regularly stages such stunts targeting embassies and government offices.

Group members are often detained on the spot, but with no charges pressed against them. None have been jailed.