MES educators trained in new ways of teaching

 11 Sep 2017 - 2:20

MES educators trained in new ways of teaching

The Peninsula

With the objective of equipping teachers with the latest and innovative methods in teaching and learning, MES Indian School conducted a three-day in-service-cum-orientation programme on September 5,6 and 7 for all teachers.

Inaugurating the programme, Officiating Principal Hameeda Kadar highlighted the importance of garnering vital information and effective use of knowledge imparted at such workshops. She also urged the teachers on the need of updating teaching strategies to the preferences and latest requirements, as bringing change within is the only remedy for effective teaching learning process in classrooms.

A total of 320 teachers attended the session as resource persons — Veena Ranjan and Radha Shivakumar, S Chand, New Delhi, India, dealt with extensively on an array of topics such as, ‘Innovative strategies for Active Learning Classroom’, ‘Execution of Differential Learning’, Developing teaching methodologies for slow learners and Enrichment strategies for bright students. A power-point enabled session was hosted by Jaya Manoharan and Jisha from the Department of Counselling, on ‘Positive Relationship building’, ‘Empowering emotionally disturbed students’ and ‘Effective organisation of multi - disciplinary team in school.’

An ERP training session in new modules was also conducted by Arun, ERP coordinator of the school. While HOD’s, Class and Language coordinators underwent a training session provided by the expert personnel of S Chand group in the school’s CAD Lab, teachers of various subjects conducted interactive sessions on teaching methodologies and strategies for teachers.

The three-day workshop on professional development witnessed livewire interactive sessions, in which teachers were bustling around enthusiastically to complete assignments and tasks related to improving their classroom interactions besides receiving guidance and pointers for effective curriculum transaction and transfer of knowledge. The session saw a vibrant participation of teachers in scholastic and co-scholastic domains pertaining to teaching-learning aspects.

Sophia Rajini and K Kuriakose capacity leaders coordinated the in-service programme.