Indesit launches 7-star dual fan AC with 3D fast & cool technology

 10 Aug 2017 - 1:36

Indesit launches 7-star dual fan AC with 3D fast & cool technology

The Peninsula

Indesit now associated with Whirlpool Corporation has been known for providing the cooling comfort needed with air conditioning technology in a stylish design that adds a breath of fresh air to your home decor. Indesit air conditioners have also been providing great energy savings and generating hygienic airflow by raising the quality of the ambient air.

Indesit now has just launched its Core Range of Air Conditioners that have an energy efficiency rating of 7 stars as prescribed by Qatar Standards. The Core Range in a compact design is elegant and stylish and comes with a new 3D Fast & Cool Technology that provides a more powerful cooling even at extreme temperatures.

With a dual fan rotary compressor that keeps the compressor running cool, the AC continues to work efficiently even if outside temperatures touches 58° C. This also helps in 68% saving in energy consumption when compared to a standard inverter model, thereby reducing electricity bills. Moreover, it uses the ecologically safe R410 Gas.

The Core Range AC also comes with a 3D Power cool Technology that is designed to drive performance with its 3 dimensional air intake capable of taking in more hot air through its intake vents and able to throw the cooled air to a distance of 39 feet thus ensuring instant cooling in almost all parts of the room. It is equipped with wider coils that provide better air circulation and a bigger blower able to deliver more airflow. 

The Core Range also comes with a Smart function that with a press of a button can automatically set the temperature and fan speed. Other features include a sleep mode, a power save mode which lets you save upto 41% energy when compared to the standard function. A Jet function drops the temperature by 5° C in just 10 minutes. The remote comes with a built-in temperature sensor that can monitor the air temperature around you to ensure that the cooling is as per set temperature thus making you comfortable.