Pakistan Embassy marks Armed Forces Day

 09 Oct 2017 - 12:09

Pakistan Embassy marks Armed Forces Day

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Pakistan Embassy in Qatar held a Diplomatic Reception at Ritz-Carlton Hotel of Doha yesterday evening to celebrate Pakistan’s Armed Forces Day.

The event was organised to pay homage and tributes to the Martyrs and Ghazi’s of Pakistan Armed Forces who have rendered supreme sacrifice towards nation building and towards attaining peace.

The reception was attended by a large number of senior Qatari officials, ambassadors, defence attaches, diplomats, members of the Qatar and Pakistani Armed Forces as well as a large number of representatives from Pakistani expats in Doha.

The chief guest, the ambassador and defence attache of Pakistan along with Qatari dignitaries cut the cake to mark the occasion. National anthems of Qatar and Pakistan were also played during the event.

The Ambassador of Pakistan, Shahzad Ahmad, while addressing the audience highlighted the depth of the strong relationship existing between the two brotherly countries in various areas, particularly in the field of defence. He added that the governments of the two countries are keen to rapidly take the bilateral relationship to new heights of cooperation.

Shahzad highlighted Pakistan’s contribution towards attainment of peace around the world under UN Peace keeping mission dates back to 1947, when Pakistan achieved independence. The list of countries where Pakistan had completed international missions or are currently participating are spread across three continents i.e Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

The ambassador further explained that extremist movements that threaten peace and stability in today’s world were not borne in Pakistan but exported to our doorsteps through Western confrontation during the cold war. Pakistan has been the biggest victim of terrorism, with hundreds of billions of dollars lost through destruction of physical infrastructure, and lost opportunities for development.

Pakistan’s efforts to eradicate this menace have proceeded well over the last several years, with the majority of militant areas in Pakistan cleared and the number of deadly attacks minimized to remote localities outside urban areas. Pakistan’s campaign to eradicate terrorism has come albeit at a cost around 70,000 deaths of Pakistani nationals, in this regards who can say they have done more, enquired the Ambassador.

Shahzad further emphasized that Pakistan’s resolve stands resolute, and he called upon the world to do more to expunge the hatred, the bigotry and the criminality that drives and motivates those who would harm others.

The Ambassador also spoke on the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir, where he described extreme subjugation of peoples’ right to self-determination may lead to a dangerous flash point for conflict between two nuclear weapon states. This requires international focus for immediate resolution.

The ambassador, towards the end of his speech said that today’s world order needs more dialogue, and better diplomacy. “Countries need to learn the lessons from unjust wars being fought in various countries round the world and advised them never to repeat them. Let us all stand up for peace, was his advice to the audience.”

The attendees were also entertained with the display of various national songs, short documentary on Pakistan Armed Forces and were served with sumptuous traditional Pakistani cuisines.

While talking to The Peninsula, Commodore Irfan Taj, defence attachè of Embassy of Pakistan said: “We celebrate Pakistan Armed Forces Day to give honour to our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the defense of Pakistan including all those who are striving very hard to maintain the peace of Pakistan.” 

Looking at the past and future of Pakistan, he said that Pakistan had sacrificed a lot in war against terror. “Now it is the time that the world should recognize the sacrifices which we have given and join us,” he said, adding that Pakistan had lost more than 70 thousand lives and billions of dollars in war against  terrorism.

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