UAE and Saudi using arts to deepen hatred: IFRD

 08 Nov 2017 - 14:56

UAE and Saudi using arts to deepen hatred: IFRD

The Peninsula Online

Rome: The International Federation of Rights and Development (IFDR) expressed deep concern over the use of arts by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to feed the hostile environment against the people of Qatar during the Gulf crisis.

The Rome-based International Federation said in a press release that it was gravely concerned with the publication of anti-Qatari songs, a misuse of art and its mission, and a decline in the level of artist’s ethos by getting involved in political affairs.

The federation added that the issuance of Emirati and Saudi Arabian songs against Qatar since the beginning of the Gulf crisis in early June represents a continuation of the policy of the siege countries to incite against Doha and create a hostile environment against it.

The song "Tell Qatar" was released in the UAE yesterday by the Emirati poet Ali Al Khawar, composed by Fayez Al Saeed and performed by a group of Gulf artists, mostly Emirati.

Before this song, Saudi Arabia also released a song "teach Qatar" by the Saudi poet Turki Al-Sheikh and composed by Rabah Saqr and the performed by a group of Gulf artists, mostly Saudi.

It is worth mentioning that those who sang those two songs against Qatar had previously sung many times in praise of Qatar. They had also visited Qatar for various festivals and always praised the country in their songs and poems.

Also the federation warns against the two songs that are blatant incitement against Qatar and its rulers, including the use of descriptions such as "traitor to the covenant" with a clear purpose to stir hatred.

“IFRD expresses its surprise and rejection of the use of art in the service of a particular political agenda, especially when it comes to feeding the hostile environment against peoples, stressing the role and value of art in uniting people, not dividing them into conflict,” the press release said.