Qatar resident holds ‘Deep Excavation and Slope Design’ seminar in Pakistan

 08 Nov 2017 - 11:43

Qatar resident holds ‘Deep Excavation and Slope Design’ seminar in Pakistan

The Peninsula

A seminar titled “Deep Excavation and Slope Design” was delivered by prominent Pakistani Engineer Gul Hameed Khalil, a Qatar resident, to Pakistani students held at National Centre of Excellence in Geology (NCEG), University of Peshawar, Pakistan in the city of Peshawar.

The purpose of this seminar was to educate Pakistani students with design and construction of deep excavation and safe slopes enabling safe commuting along the roads and make the works safer for staff.

He emphasised adopting new innovative techniques so as to ensure the construction works are safe and stable avoiding extra works and re-works, especially along the Karakoram Highway, Kohistan area, Kashmir and all roads crossing the mountainous terrain, where precious lives were lost during landslides.

He stressed a robust design of all types of slopes with various types of design options, ground investigation works for derivation of accurate parameters, legislations from the governmental sector, site practices and the role of geotechnical engineers ensuring all slopes are safely design and subsequently constructed.

Gul is working as Geotechnical Specialist who also recently got awarded an appreciation certificate at one of the largest Infrastructure project of Lusail smart city project.

He is also a member of Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) UK, Advisory Committee in Qatar and delivered several seminars and presentations to the Engineers in Qatar, Pakistan and UK.

The Director and Graduate committee have appreciated Guls’s efforts and thanked him with appreciation shield at the end of seminar.

Pakistani engineers are at forefront in the growth and development of Pakistan with efforts to work for the betterment of Pakistan and this seminar was a series of such sequence.

Gul is committed to deliver seminars and presentations periodically every year to Pakistani Engineers, students, and academics ensuring all new technological advancements are being brought to Pakistan.