Galfar takes environmental awareness to next generation

 08 Jun 2018 - 5:11

Galfar takes environmental awareness to next generation

The Peninsula

DOHA: In line with its strong commitment to sustainable practices, Galfar Al Misnad, one of Qatar’s leading construction firms, launched a month-long Environment Awareness Campaign on the occasion of World Environment Day, with a tree planting ceremony along with an insightful environmental awareness session at the Shantiniketan Indian School today.

More than 120 students from the 6th and 7th classes of the school attended the interactive session, where the Galfar Al Misnad team educated them on the common responsibility of every individual, including children, to reduce the impact of modern development on the natural environment through simple practices.   

Highlighting the United Nations’ chosen theme for the year, “Beat Plastic Pollution – if you can’t reuse it, refuse it,” Galfar’s HSE Manager, Venkatesan Kulandaivelu, started the session with a presentation on the perils of plastic waste that is increasingly harming every living thing on the Earth.

To illustrate the level of damage caused by plastic, he also showed a short video, which awakened the children’s awareness of the extent of the issue, with scenes of plastic waste found inside stomachs of fish. “As a construction company, we are involved in the development of many areas in Qatar, including stadiums, the Metro, oil and gas, schools, and so much more. However, we always to try to make sure that we employ sustainable practices to lessen the impact on our natural environment,” Kulandaivelu explained. He asked the children to also attempt to do the same in their own actions.

The students were also given a chance to share with their colleagues, methods that they already employed at home to avoid creating plastic pollution.  Ideas suggested included, carrying plastic bags to the supermarket to avoid using new bags; reusing glass jars as an alternative to plastic containers in the kitchen; drinking filtered water that is stored in reusable glass or aluminium bottles; and using old plastic bags to line waste baskets rather than using trash bags.

The Galfar Al Misnad team then led the students and school staff in planting five different fruit trees at the school. There was also a drawing competition with the theme “My Planet,” in which 30 children participated.

Subhash Nair, the Principal of Shantiniketan Indian School said such programs teach the children to be generous, generative, and encourages them to take care of the environment.

The programme ended with four older students giving presentations on the topic. The pertinence of learning from such awareness sessions was aptly articulated by one of the presenters, Shaurya Bisht, when he said: “If we betray nature, we betray us. If we save nature, we save us.”

This is the fifth year that Galfar Al Misnad is collaborating with Shantiniketan Indian School on World Environment Day. The saplings planted in the first year, are now small trees in front of the school, proving that every small step contributes in creating a green and healthier environment.

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