Hidden gems: The Kebab street of Old Al Ghanim

 06 Dec 2017 - 18:37

Hidden gems: The Kebab street of Old Al Ghanim

By Anisha Bijukumar | The Peninsula Online

Hidden Gems is an effort to unearth affordable restaurants in Qatar, which are known for their food.
Qatar has many eateries that serve excellent grilled meat along with a variety of bread. A street in Old Al Ghanim, the area that once housed the New World Centre and opposite to the Bank Street, houses two excellent eateries, which specialises in grills/kebabs.

Walk down the Old Al Ghanim street and the aroma of spices and grilled meat from Lamazani Grill and Khosh Kebab will tantalize your taste buds. 

Lamazani has been dishing out excellent Iranian kebabs for decades and still attracts a sizable crowd on weekends that finding a place is very difficult during the weekend.

The meat served is very juicy and succulent and priced very reasonably that a single skewer is just not enough.  

Kebabs – both chicken and mutton - liver, kidney, lamb chops and hummus are on offer. Chicken and mutton kebabs are a must try and costs only QR4

And don’t forget their tea, it goes well with the grill.

Khosh Kebab is another gem located few minutes ahead and offers perfectly flavoured grilled meat. The garlic sauce offered is a little runny, but much tastier than the fare offered at most other kebab outlets. 

Be it the lamb chops, mutton kofta or the chicken kebab, the meat is cooked to perfection, marinated with the right spices, and is definitely worth a try.  

Some of the recommended items on their menu are kebabs priced at QR6, lamb chops at QR 15, garlic sauce at QR2 with the butter-dripping sesame nan priced at QR2.  

The interiors of both the eateries are ordinary and nothing much to talk about and they have a limited dine-in area. Take away is a good option if you have a family gathering, but nothing can beat having a fresh kebab straight from the grill. 

The main issue with these eateries is parking. There is hardly any parking space near the restaurants as the street is pretty narrow. It’s better to park a little further down the main road and walk. The walk back to the car after eating will help you with digestion.
So which is the better kebab? It’s tough to pick a winner in this ‘meaty’ crisis, but after visiting both places many many times in the last few years, I like Khosh a little more, just a little. 

Many of my colleagues are flipped over by Lamazani. So maybe you can visit them both and decide for yourself.


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