Garangao Night at Ezdan Malls enthralls families

 06 Jun 2018 - 8:10

Garangao Night at Ezdan Malls enthralls families

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DOHA: Ezdan Mall Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding Group, has recently celebrated the traditional Garangao Night at Ezdan Mall Al Gharaffa and Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah, amid massive participation of families and their children in a two-hour festive event, where it commenced past Thursday at 9pm and closed at 11pm.

The celebration, which was characterised by a family-friendly Ramadan ambience, introduced pleasure to the children, where it witnessed the distribution of gifts and the running of recreational activities. Children from Qatar and other nationalities participated enthusiastically in the event, as it marks one of the widely celebrated occasions by adults and children alike.

For their part, representatives of Ezdan Mall Company stated, “This celebration, which we are keen to organise every year, brings a clear message about the significance of  preserving traditional customs and heritage, as well as raising awareness of their importance as one of the foundations that assist future generations to be tied to and proud of their history and culture.”

Ezdan Mall Company expressed its eagerness to partake in the various cultural, traditional and sport events celebrated nationwide to meet people’s aspirations.

It also reiterated Ezdan Mall strategy in associating shopping with entertainment in a distinctive manner, which in turn will help change the common “stereotype” about malls that they are only places meant for shopping, on the contrary they can be  a destination  for families to experience entertainment, live activities and multi-purpose events.

The festive ceremony at Ezdan Malls included the distribution of traditional bags and some gifts to the children, and then they started touring around mall shops to collect an assortment of sweets, amid a cheerful atmosphere.

It is noteworthy that Ezdan Mall had announced earlier the staging of an array of events targeting families and children in celebration of Ramadan at Ezdan Malls (Al Gharaffa and Al Wakra). The events are running during the weekends (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) throughout the Holy month of Ramadan from 9:00pm till 12:00 midnight.

Among the key activities, “Majlis Ramadan” -Ramadan Assembly- which is held at the main gates of Ezdan Malls in Al Gharaffa and Al Wakrah. The assembly is arranged to attract children, where one of the Qatari grandmothers relates to them a story from Qatari heritage, in addition to recreational and educational activities.

Such activities comprise Ramadan lantern making as well as workshops to teach children the techniques of preparing Ramadan danglers and colouring.

Ezdan Malls spare no efforts to attract all segments of society who are aspiring to enjoy a superb experience of entertainment and education coupled with fun and excitement. It also gives special concern for The Auspicious Month of Ramadan being the most important Islamic occasion celebrated by Qatari society.

Such celebrations are either organised by Ezdan Mall or in cooperation with other Islamic institutions in Qatar, to bring about pleasure and entertainment to all mall visitors.

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