Qatar University, French Embassy discuss ties in education, research

 06 Apr 2018 - 2:36

Qatar University, French Embassy discuss ties in education, research

The Peninsula

DOHA: The first Joint Committee meeting between Qatar University (QU) and the French Embassy in Qatar on Wednesday focused on a number of areas of cooperation, especially with regard to the training and rehabilitation of students, scientific research and development and promotion of French language education at the university.

QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham said, “This meeting serves to strengthen the long-held ties between Qatar and France. It also highlights our stated mission to build partnerships with institutions in Qatar and around the world.”

“The University strives to promote an open environment to international civilizations and cultures. QU is also committed to advance a culture of shared knowledge which will engender far-reaching benefits for QU students in terms of vibrant new experiences and future professional success,” he added.

French Ambassador to Qatar Eric Chevallier said “France and Qatar University have a long lasting collaboration. But today, we took our partnership to the next level with the first meeting of the high level Joint Committee between Qatar University and the French Embassy”.

“We had a very fruitful meeting with concrete outcomes in terms of the teaching of French at Qatar University, a roadmap for future collaborations in education and in research with the best French universities, higher education and research institutes, and the training of students within French companies, in Qatar or in France,” he added.

The French Ambassador said “This Joint Committee will meet regularly to assess the results and to expand the collaborations according to the progresses made,” adding that this Joint Committee is another strong partnership with the State of Qatar.