Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha shares Ramadan blessings

 04 Jun 2018 - 8:13

Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha shares Ramadan blessings

The Peninsula 

DOHA: Holiday Villa Hotel & Residence Doha recently celebrated the essence and shared the blessings of holy Ramadan with its guests, corporate partners and media. 

Held at the Emerald Ballroom of the hotel, the gathering brought a fusion of traditional Ramadan experience and international dining to its delighted guests.

General Manager, Joey Chen and the management team interacted with the travel trade, corporate clients, media, embassies and partners to thank the esteemed guests for their presence and continuous support.

The valued guests were delighted with a gastronomic fair that brought them around the World in an array of cuisines. From the heavenly delights of the oriental kitchens to the exotic dishes of Southeast Asia, the selections have turned noodles and sushi into a wonderful mix of fine signature delicacies. Serving an amazing fusion of spicy India and famous Middle Eastern flare, the evening was filled with delightful flavours of enjoyment and good conversations.

Chen said, “It has always been a pleasure to be surrounded by a league of unwavering support. This suhour has given us the opportunity to thank our partners who has believed in our service throughout the years. Ramadan is all about embracing the traditions of sharing blessings and emphasising camaraderie, which is the very purpose of this suhour.”