Hidden gems: One of the best egg sandwich in town and it’s cheap too

 03 Oct 2017 - 18:15

Hidden gems: One of the best egg sandwich in town and it’s cheap too

By Pramod Prabhakaran / The Peninsula Online

We have been searching for restaurants, which are affordable and known for their food not for their ambience.

In this hidden gems series, we are revisiting an old favourite of ours on Matar St, Al Banuche Cafeteria.

We had covered this small eatery tucked away in a street next to the Jeep showroom (near to old Qatar Airways building) few years back. A sudden hunger pang on a weekday reminded us of this hidden gem and there was consensus among the team what to order for lunch.

Unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan, no one can say no to an egg sandwich from Al Banuche and after so many years nothing has changed. 

WARNING: It’s rich and not very healthy; if you are dieting keep this for the cheat day. 

A valuable piece of advice: If ordering takeaway ask them to pack it in a plate, NEVER roll it. Don’t know why, it doesn’t taste the same when rolled. And remember to eat it hot. 

Al Banuche is the place to go for the most affordable and tasty egg sandwich in the city. Don’t go by the look of the shop, they make some real gobble-worthy sandwiches.

The omelette, very fluffy and soft, is stuffed inside a Qubus with mayonnaise (lots of it), few slices of tomato and pinch of coriander leaves. If you can stomach spice then ask for their “full option”, which comes with chopped green chillies. 

The staff working there are very helpful with special requests. When we ordered there was one with egg white only, one with cheese, one with no tomatoes, one with only omelette and few other variations. At times you will have to wait long as this place gets very crowded sometimes.

The best way to eat here is to park your car outside in the lane and order. Or pack it and take it to corniche for a lovely breakfast. 

While there, do order the masala chai (masala tea); you will have to wait a little for the ginger infused tea, so order in advance. If you are not the ginger tea kind of person then ask for an avocado juice to wash down the sandwich.

They have an extended menu, which is filled with the regular cafeteria stuff. We have not tried much of it. To name a few, their scrabbled egg is decent, goes well with toasted bread, masala sausage sandwich is okay. Rest of the fare is nothing much to write about.

Go there for the egg sandwich — plated, not rolled.

And to top it all this special egg sandwich costs just QR3 and add 50 dirhams more if you are packing it. A meal with juice will be around QR10-12. 

If you go
Must try:
Special egg sandwich
Other notables: Ginger tea, Avocado juice, Sausage masal sandwich
Price: Very pocket friendly. Egg sandwich for QR3 (QR3.50 for parcel)
A meal for two will cost around QR20-25.
Contact numbers: 44622026