PISQ showcases projects at iEARN-Qatar 2018

 03 May 2018 - 8:24

PISQ showcases projects at iEARN-Qatar 2018

The Peninsula

DOHA: Pakistan International School Qatar students have showcased their projects at iEARN-Qatar 2018 Open House. 

Every year teachers from Pakistan International School take up iEARN-Qatar projects which aim at  teachers’ professional development and benefit students’ educational process. The motto of iEARN is learning with the world not just about it. 

While the students work on their projects they collaborate online with schools from 140 countries around the globe.   The projects are chosen from a list of iEARN Projects and  students research, design activities and set work for producing the Project outcome.

During Session 2017-2018 again, five teachers from PISQ took up four iEARN Projects and engaged 39 students from primary and senior level in the Projects. On April 24 2018, 55 projects on a wide range of topics were displayed during the iEARN-Qatar Open House  2018  which was  hosted by Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) at the Qatar Foundation. Four projects of PISQ include “Don’t laminate the Earth - Everyday is Earth Day”, “Smiling World” ( Let’s spread peace, smile and joy), Solar Explorer iEARN Project  (Solar Powered Backpack), and “Extending Hand Coated in Gold Trash”.